PilotGOne - view/record/edit GO games (SGF) in PalmOS

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Earlier Versions, Downloads, and Change History

The current version can be found elsewhere.

Earlier versions

There is a detailed Change History, and earlier versions, including the documentation and the sources, may be downloaded.

September 2002 – version 0.8.0

September 2001 – version 0.7.0

April 2001 – version 0.6.2

November 2000 – version 0.6.1

August 2000 – version 0.5.1

December 1999

February 1999


Download pilotgone 0.8.1 36 kb (zip) - the program!

Download pilotgone 0.8.1 documentation 119 kb (zip)
This file (213 kb uncompressed) includes the web pages, and all the graphics – these will be unzipped into a directory of their own called pgdocs.

Download pilotgone 0.8.1 source code 66 kb (zip) (for the GNU prc-tools environment, SDK 3.5 or 4.0)

Download pilotgone 0.8.0 36 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.8.0 documentation 120 kb (zip)
This file (273 kb uncompressed) includes the web pages, and all the graphics – these will be unzipped into a directory of their own called pgdocs.

Download pilotgone 0.8.0 source code 64 kb (zip) (for the GNU prc-tools environment, SDK 3.5 or 4.0)

Download pilotgone 0.7.0 31 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.7.0 documentation 47 kb (zip)
This is the web page, including all the graphics. Please unzip these files into a directory of their own.

Download pilotgone 0.7.0 source code 51 kb (zip) (for the GNU prc-tools environment, SDK 3.5 or 4.0)

Download pilotgone 0.6.2 29 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.6.2 documentation 43 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.6.1 25 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.5.1 19 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.5.1 source code 34 kb (zip) (for the GNU environment)

Download pilotgone 0.45 13 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.4 13 kb (zip)

Download pilotgone 0.3.1 10 kb (zip)

Change History

Added a patch from Dan Stromberg to support SGF files with AE tags. Fixed a bug with capture check, and marks for poorly written SGF files. Cleaned the code with respect to direct calls to ID, or text, fields of forms – added compatibility with SDK 4.0. Fixed a bug with GotoMove that didn't allow it to be continued by a PrevVar. Allowed remapping of hard buttons [suggestion of Kenneth Yeon]. Made default komi value adjustable, and saved in preferences. Added virtual stone in score mode. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a comment exceeded 760 chars. Improved handling of marks in score mode. Made marked groups 'visible' in score mode. Allowed un-flag of dead groups and made the writing to the SGF file optional (through a menu command). Fixed the bug related to integral value komi and a dot/period in comments [reported by Burkhard Landskron]. Added trademarks to this document. Added a few (size and time) optimizations to the scoring function. New flash mode: "short flash", flashes a few times (5 for now) and stops [request of J-L Gailly]. Now avoids leaving empty comments in games. Fixed a bug that crashed small memory units when using comments twice. Fixed a bug that opened long comments with the cursor at their end. Fixed a bug that forgot everything on the board that appeared before a SZ tag. Fixed a bug when opening comments greater than 1024 characters.
Added Move annotation support, and more Node annotations. New variations are now inserted at the end of current one. Comments now automatically escape characters ']' and '\' – if you type '\' in a comment, it will be stored as '\\' in the SGF; ']' stored as '\]'. This way you don't risk to damage your file with a comment. Added "add mark" mode. Added sort by black and white player name and separators in menus. PilotGOne is now multi-segment because we've grown over the 32 kb barrier. Added 'Command' menu in list view mode, 'generate first line' and 'erase first line' commands. Forbid to erase a move in modes other than '... play', can only erase tags. Added 'pass' and 'undo' commands to menu. Handle GC[] (game comment) property. Changed the name of some preferences. Modified a bit labels support ('+' in non-zoom mode and digits -> '?'). PilotGOne generates dates that are correct w.r.t. ISO specification. The sorting is now 'permanent' and not done at each view of the list. Newly created games are inserted at the right place. Default komi value is now 5.5 and not 0. Variations letters like 'g' are not hidden by the lower arrow any more [thanks to Damien Doligez for the bug report]. Included the contributions by Tomas Brauer: (a) the position of the cursor is shown in place of the position of last move. (b) Tapping on the move description now only optionally sends you to MemoPad. Added 'Goto Game End' command and shortcut. Added an Application tag -- AP -- in the new games created [courtesy of The Nose who Knows].
Allowed comment window switch. Improved comment management: delete empty comments and avoid re-scanning the whole game. Fixed a bug that made 'Edit current variation' select only from current node to end of variation. Added 'Mark next moves' button. Fixed a bug caused by the new SDK that made PilotGOne crash on old versions of PalmOS® and moved to Glue for text management. Created a form for preferences instead of plugging them in the menu. Fixed a bug for StrPrintF on old versions of PalmOS® that plagued the captured stones display. Fixed a bug that activated 'goto-move' on empty intersections where stones had been captured (like a ko for instance). Changed 'virtual stones' to reverse video and extended this preview to 'view mode'. Fixed overlapping of 'guess-next-move' score by hiding 'Got' after 99 guesses. Applied lots of small optimisations suggested by P. Cuoq who proof read the assembly code generated by gcc (!!!). Added a form for listing preferences as was done for board preferences. Now one can have size/date at the same time as 'first line'.
Moved to SDK 3.5. Added zoom. Marks on the board and one letter labels. Annotations. Fixed a bug that crashed when loading a very small board (like 5x5), added 5x5 to the list of 'standard' sizes. Fixed a bug that made stones blink ON menus. Moved 'game info' to the menu, added shortcuts. Moved 'edit variation' to the menu. Changed the order of menus in game view mode. Option menu, in game view, now shows current state of options. Speeded navigation through SGF (especially backward navigation). Moves (or guesses) are now validated on pen up and a 'virtual stone' is shown from pen down to pen up. Applied a patch from J. Chin to avoid overlap of info at the bottom of the screen.
Fixes bug that deleted start of game when a game info item was absent and remained absent after update. So much for just before release changes. Also fixed problem with significant tags coming before SZ tag. Made labels bold in game info dialogs as per apparent PalmOS® UI standard.
Added komi. Guess next move game.
Added edit game info. Fixed trash at end bug.
Added insert move option to new variation dialogue. Delete stroke now deletes last added stone or dead mark.
Enter a pass using space stroke. Choose a handicap when starting new games.
Tapping on a stone in view mode goes to that move. Added enable/disable flash menu entry.
Added delete stroke deletes current move
New game dialogue allows setting game name and date
Dotted grey board looks much better, faster flashing
Remembers scroll position properly on list view.
Added display, sort by name, date; new variation options alert. Should work on games up to 64 kb now. Added automatic joining of memos split up by the windows desktop program. Added (nice) icon.
First public release version, all known bugs fixed.
Finally got flashing last move and scoring in.
Sorted out movement - node position depending on the ";" before the node is obviously the proper way to do it. Now.
First version that I showed to anyone. Records OK, but only shows comments in MemoPad. Movement is very broken.
Began hacking on Pilot GO and MemoPad example source code

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