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Manage SGF Files: First Line, Listview, Sorting/Searching

Most of this section will be of interest to you only if you have many game-records – maybe collections of professional games. To get the best results, we have to use both PilotGOne and MemoPad.


We recommend that you sort records alphabetically by First Line. PilotGOne's Sort facility is flexible, but slow, so we normally prefer to use the MemoPad sort. Before making a choice, please read the later sections, so that you understand fully the implications of your choice.

Adding new game records

You will need to provide an appropriate First Line, both when you add new game records (using PilotGOne), and when you upload them from your PC/Mac/etc. If you follow our recommendation then all memos will automatically be in the correct sort order.

Managing records – some general points

Our main problems are finding a specific game-record, and moving/deleting many game-records at once. On most computers game-records are held in files that can be given meaningful filenames, and can be placed in folders/directories that have sensible names. In PalmOS® we do not have either of these, so we have to use the properties of the game-records themselves, both to identify them, and to sort them. The best that we can do to simulate directories is probably to use Memo Pad categories – this is not ideal, and you cannot have a total of more than 15 categories.

It is important that we can identify, directly from PilotGOne, or the Memo Pad, each game from the single line displayed, and from its sort order. The mini-info view can help distinguish similar descriptions.

Ideally, we want to have a unique (or almost unique) identifying tag (or sort result) for every game record, so that we can find it again. In practice, having date, followed by White player name, and Black player name, will be enough for most people. PilotGOne lets us do this with Generate First Line ..., choosing Date and Player Names.

What contents can be displayed in List View?

When you first enter PilotGOne, you are in "list view" mode. This looks like the Memo Pad, but has some useful extra features, discussed below. Select the category "SGF" at top right – unless you change this later, it will remain PilotGOne's default selection. It is a very good idea to keep SGF as the default category , since it will limit PilotGOne's actions to SGF files – this will protect your other memos from accidental damage.

The First Line

This is an important feature in PilotGOne. In an SGF file, all characters before the first occurrence of "(;" are ignored by PilotGOne (this may cause problems with game records created by other programs). You can therefore have a "First Line" which can be used for descriptive information – maybe the folder/filename on the host computer (e.g. "korea/cho.hh/123"), or even a mixture of the date and the names of the players (e.g. "1965-10-23:Segoe K - Cho HH").

You can place text on the First Line before you download to the PalmOS® device. On a Linux system one might use the "-t" flag with install-memo, thus:
install-memo -t -c SGF [-p /dev/pilot] korea/cho.hh/123.sgf
On a Windows PC you have to do this by hand using a text-editor (e.g. Notepad) – perhaps you can write your own program (or PERL script) to do something similar – if you do, then please share your program with other users.

You can edit the contents of the First Line, either in Memo Pad (in the obvious way!), or via PilotGOne. In PilotGOne, go to the very beginning of the game; (assuming that you have got Goto Memo set to "on") tap on the move number – zero! You are now in MemoPad - the First Line is all of the text before the first occurrence of "(;". Make the desired edits; Tap [Done]; do "Select Application"; select the PilotGOne icon to return to the game.

Generate First Line ...

After you download a game record to your PalmOS® device, you can use PilotGOne to add a First Line. In "list view" mode, you can create a useful first line by doing Menu/ Commands/ Generate First Line ... . For all current game-records, which do not already have a First Line, PilotGOne will now automatically create a permanent first line from one the following:

It will do so only for those records in the currently selected category ("SGF" is recommended), which begin with "(;" – the standard beginning of SGF code. This means that if you already have a "First Line" of any kind, and you want to create one of another kind, you have first to remove that First Line. Obviously, if you want to change a single memo, then you can use Memo Pad to delete, or edit, a First Line. If you want to change the First Line for all relevant memos, you can first remove all First Lines – in "list view" mode do: Menu/ Commands/ Erase All First Lines, and then use "Generate First Line ..."

If you check the 'from date and players' box, then a first line of the form "YYYY-MM-DD-PlayerWhite-PlayerBlack" – e.g. "1963-11-13-Segoe Kensaku-Cho Hun-hyeon" – will be generated for records that don't yet have a first line. We assume that you have values in the "DT", "PW", and "PB", fields!

If you check the 'from players and date' box, then you similarly get "PlayerWhite-PlayerBlack-YYYY-MM-DD" – e.g. "Segoe Kensaku-Cho Hun-hyeon-1963-11-13".

If you check the 'from event and round' box, then you get a first line of the form "Event-Round" – e.g. "Meijin Sen 2003-1".

Since you can sort by both Game Name, and (implicitly) by First Line (using Memo Pad order), you may prefer to Generate First Line from something other than the Game Name.

List View: what to display

In PilotGOne's "list view" mode, we have one line per game record, and we can display only (approximately) 32 characters per line. If we always display the date (e.g. 1999-12-23) then we are left with only (approximately) 22 other characters with which to describe the record.

In Memo Pad we have no choice about what is displayed – it is simply the memo number, followed by the first characters on the first line of the game-record. We will therefore see less information than in PilotGOne, because we lose perhaps 4 characters, which are used to show the memo number.

[List Preferences]

To choose how the game records are displayed – in PilotGOne's "list view" mode, do Menu/ Options/ List Preferences ... - shortcut "/L". Options are (mixtures of):

The initial default settings are to "Show first line", and to "Show date".

"Show first line" is quite fast, whereas "Show date" (also "Show game name" and "Show board size") may slow things down, especially if some game records are missing these fields.

Sorting capabilities

PilotGOne always sees, and displays, game records in the same order as they are held in Memo Pad. N.B. If you use Memo Pad to sort your memos, then this will undo whatever you did in PilotGOne. Similarly, a MemoPad sort undoes a PilotGOne sort.

Remember also that, at present, PilotGOne does its sorting much more slowly – about 100 times slower – than does the PalmOS® Memo Pad. This means that, if you have a lot of game records, it will normally be better not to use PilotGOne to do the sorting – instead, put something meaningful in the First line, and choose Memo Pad to do the sorting as "Alphabetical". Furthermore, if you have many game records, and you want date (or other) information displayed in List View mode, PilotGOne will do this (much) quicker if the information is included in the first line – the alternative, of including the "Show Date" option in "List Preferences", can be slower than simply using "Show first line", especially if you have several game records which do not contain the Date – "DT[]" – field.

PilotGOne's initial default sort order is "Manual" – i.e. no sort is done and memos can be 'moved' by hand. See below for the other options, and also how to change them.

When you enter new game records using PilotGOne, they will automatically be entered in the correct sort order – if uploaded from a PC, they will not, unless you use alphabetic order everywhere.

What can be used for sorting?

PilotGOne conforms to the SGF version 4 standard format – some of these fields can be used for sorting.

In PilotGOne, while in "list view" mode, do "Menu/ Sort", to get:

       [List View, with Menu selected]

Now select your preferred sort method. You can sort on one, and only one, of the following:

The sort method that you choose becomes your new default, until you change it again. It also permanently changes the order, within Memo Pad, of all the selected records – normally SGF. When you add new Game records using PilotGOne, they will be placed in the correct order. However, remember that if, for a particular game record, you change the item that is used to do the sort – e.g. change the First Line by doing a "Generate First Line ...", or doing "Erase all first lines ..."; changing any of "GN", "DT", "PB", or "PB", by changing the Game Info (using PilotGOne); or changing any relevant item within Memo Pad – then you will have to sort all memos again. If you upload new game records to your PalmOS® device, then PilotGOne does not notice that you have done this, and therefore does not automatically put them into the right order – you will need to do another re-sort, unless you follow our recommendation.

PilotGOne will not affect the order of memos within other categories of memo. However it will place all SGF memos after all other categories within Memo Pad.

On a (slow) Palm™ Pilot Professional, the times taken to sort are something like: 100 games – 1 minute; 250 games – 2 mins; 500 games – 5 mins; 1,000 games – 15 mins!

Searching for game records

If you have followed our recommendation with respect to sorting, and the First Line contains the information that you need, then your problem is probably solved. If this is really not enough, then you have two options:

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